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Rince Go Bragh: Tutorials


I updated the tutorials page on Rince go Bragh.  I think it’s worth checking out for these reasons:

  1. Wig tutorials (new wig up a pixie cut included)
  2. Make up tutorial
  3. The official USAG warm up my coach brought back from the Karolyi’s training camp because she is one of the training camp staff and she wanted her gymnasts to warm up safely.
  4. Poodle sock crafts, ranging from easy to wtf why did I do dis
  5. Irish Dance Magazine upcycle



Lets Start a Movement of #ChampionsforChange.  

Here is how it works.  Fill up a trophy with loose change you find around the house.  As soon as you have one completely full, take it to a bank for counting and then donate the amount to your favorite charity.

Borrow a trophy to your neighbors and let them fill it with change, take one in to work,  lend one to your parents to take to their jobs.  Set one out at your dance school.

We CAN Make a Difference, lets see how big a difference we can make together.


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Wait this is such a great idea! Reblog this everyone!!!!


not dance related but i am currently so so so pissed because one of my favorite bands is playing in atlanta in september but it’s at a strictly 21 & over venue 😤

i mean i’ve been extremely privileged as far as concerts go, like i was front row for coldplay and party in the park and i’ve got a ticket for music midtown and i’ve been to two shows since summer started but DAMN i really wanted to go to this one 😒

You were front row for Coldplay?! I’m so jealous I can’t even 😭

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