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Anonymous asked:

I just started my freshman year of college, and so far the transition has been so hard. I feel so nervous for the oireachtas and I'm scared I won't be totally prepared. Do you have any advice??




College is the most exciting and the most frightening transition ever. Suddenly going from very dependent to very independent in the span of a summer is crazy. Also trying to balance dance, on top of homework and school activities can get hard. Believe me I’ve been there.

When I started working at Apple, I was taking 16 hours, suddenly had a job, and was dancing. It was a struggle and I ended up dropping a class.
What I learned was how to structure my time. When I had breaks after class, how long were they and in that time what was I going to accomplish? Weekend activities disappeared and I spent more time focused on dance instead.

Now that I’ve been working for three years, still maintain dance and I’m part of a fraternity, I plan my whole schedule way early before the start of a semester. I always know when I have dedicated practice time, when I have school requirements and when I work. I don’t get to go out as much as I could but that’s the agreement I made with myself if I wanted to maintain my dedication to dance.

Your freshman semester is your hardest because this is your first real taste of college. You’re understanding what the course work is like, what the social atmosphere is, hopefully getting involved in Greek 😉 (shoutout).

Buy a planner, monthly scheduler, find a school reminder app, whatever you need to do to see your schedule. Understanding where your time is being allocated or how you wish to allocate it will make things a whole lot easier. Be prepared for some sleepless nights, they will happen to you more than once.

And anon, do not be scared. Evaluating everything that you have to do leading up to Oireachtas and then finals is daunting and stressful. Take everything one week at a time. Don’t be concerned with what is going to happen a month away or even Oireachtas time. Focus on what you can control and you can control your weekly schedule. That will help you get a grasp and a grip on what is manageable and accomplishable.

Sorry for the uber long response, but I’ve been there, just like many other Irish dancers have. And also anon, remember that I love you 😘 and so does every Irish dancer who has been in your shoes, has felt your fears, has cried the same tears over stress. You will succeed and I believe in you. ❤️


you don’t understand how much I needed this post rn 🙌


i really don’t like that “every time you stay out late, etc. you make it that much easier for me to beat you” quote and i can’t explain why other than don’t shame me for having hobbies outside of dance and my body having limitations on not being able to do twelve steps otherwise i’ll be a lonely, crazy cat lady with broken legs “but hey, at least i’ll be in first place!!!” no. fuck that shit. 


here’s my new old blackthorn stick.  I did roving pedlar twice at this weekend’s feiseanna so this is officially my old set.  That being said,  please respect my teacher’s choreography (since about 98% of it is hers and I kind of feel bad about posting it)  and do not copy these steps and do not post to instagram without my permission. This is my old set which I did at NANs. The timing’s a bit off here (I hate dancing to the app but I forgot my music) and I know my arms are always horrible. But I still love this set, Elaine Kavanagh is basically a genius.

and if you thought you heard a baby crying you’re not crazy

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