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My heartbeat of home audition, bloopers included! Enjoy

I’m dying 😂😂


this made my night HAHAHAHH

Best thing I have ever seen 😂

I’m so happy that this is back on my dash 😂

This is the best thing ever😂


My amazing and gorgeous friend Anna went to Hawaii last December. She posted this absolutely incredible photo to her tumblr, and Instagram account 31 weeks ago. This evening she found an Instagram account with her photo as their profile picture. She was rightly flattered, however soon discovered that this girl has completely taken credit for her photo. She had posted this photo 3 weeks ago clearly taking it from tumblr. Anna, being the extremely reasonable person that she is kindly asked the girl to take it down or give her credit. This girl (Laurenwhelan72) denied that she had taken it and that it was hers all along. If you do follow her or know her please either unfollow her or ask her to take it down. If you are going to help us please be polite about it. We don’t want to create any drama or hurt feelings, all we want is for Anna get the credit she deserves for this amazing photo.

catatthesea asked:

What is your opinion of the more aggressive dance style that many people seem to prefer?


I’ve said it before, but I like a natural looking dancer. A natural dancer tends to look confident and assertive, but not aggressive. They attack their dances, but not in a way that looks forced and they certainly don’t attack their competitors! Any pushing, shoving, and general bitchery I can’t stand as it’s over aggressive.

In a high-level competition you definitely need to be strong and have command of the stage, but there’s a fine balance between that and being OTT. Long ago I heard a great teacher say something along the lines of - If you watch a World champion, they’re able to float around the stage paying no mind to the other dancer because they’re so in control of what they’re doing. They don’t need to be pushy, chase them around stage, or bully them so that they shine; they shine because they concentrate on their own dancing and respect their competitors.


hey guys! So I posted about this a long time ago (back in decemberish) but wasn’t really totally ready to sell my dress so it never really worked out. But now I’m officially getting a new one and I’m ready to sell! This dress is hands down my favorite dress in the entire universe and it always brought lots of luck. It would fit a thin dancer from about 5’4” to 5’6.” The dress is STRIKING on stage and has over 1000 crystals covering the whole dress (even more than in this picture, I added a ton for worlds this past year!). I’m asking $1000. Email me at for more details! Thanks.


another Lynn treble reel!!!


Anonymous asked:

Lol so you can't even place at your own schools Feis? You carry your self around like this amazing dancer and yet you've never placed in open lol. At least you have a world champions dress to get you some bonus points.


And this is why I’m starting to not like tumblr…

Why does it matter that it was her school’s feis? If it was easier to place at your own schools feis I would assume that would imply favoritism. I would rather not place than fall prey to cheating. Keep your chin up girl! This anon is just a jerk

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